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Total chess

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This idea fills the glaring hole in chess - i.e. that chess simulates a battle between two opposing armies, without also simulating the economy which supports that battle. So, between moves, you have to play moves in a 'SimCity'-style model of your country's economy, making sure the farms are kept working to feed your army, and the economy produces enough money to pay your army and weapons, etc. for your army.

If your economy starts to fail, your weakened soldiers become unable to move as many squares on the chessboard. If you fail to pay your pawns, they will defect to the other side and boost the ranks of your opponent's pawns.
hippo, Sep 22 2021


       I can't tell you how many times my knights have just disappeared to go back to work on their family farms. How do they even do the work with their Godfather disembodied heads.
4and20, Sep 22 2021

       + I like the premise but wondering how far we must go to boost our economy! Wondering also if such things like presidential assassinations are included in this?
xandram, Sep 22 2021

       ... static pieces forced to move as the land (square) is pillaged to famine ...
calum, Sep 22 2021

       So basically a euro-style board-game incorporating chess?   

       I feel like both sub-components will be weakened by their association with the other.
Loris, Sep 22 2021

       +. Total also means that there's mud on the square (field) or snow and at night there are mosquitoes with malaria. The soldiers and animals need sanitary sewage, and the food has to be kept fresh.   

       Then there are issues of your soldier's motivation and conflict, and worst of all, there are conspiracies to take over from inside. All these are missing from the current chess game and must too be added for a total game.   

       Oh yes, and what about the wounded and the prisoners? What about the trauma, and what about drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and sex?
pashute, Sep 22 2021

       I find the original too confusing to play so adding another facet would only make the whole activity even harder to figure out. But I do enjoy just fiddling with chess sets.
blissmiss, Sep 22 2021

       [xan] - yes, presidential assassinations implies the presence of 'secret agent' chess pieces, visible to you but not your opponent
[Loris & bliss] - yes, in practice, it would be a nightmare trying to play this game
[pash] - wounded pieces would be a really interesting addition to chess. In some wars armies choose to wound, rather than kill opponents, because a wounded soldier removes another two soldiers from the battlefield who perform stretcher duty. In the same way, a wounded chess pawn might also lower the capacity of nearby pawns.
hippo, Sep 22 2021

       ohhh I rather like * secret agent* chess pieces, as I’m not too good with regular old chess, but this could be exciting!
xandram, Sep 22 2021

       Isn't this more or less how the Civilization series of games works? I mean it's all fancy graphics now, but Civ 1 was just symbols like chess pieces.
bs0u0155, Sep 22 2021

       The "defecting pawns" would be easy to do in a real game. Needs to be a low probability, so maybe roll a D20; get a 1 & 1 pawn defects (2-20 have no effect). Pawns would need to be coloured "half & half", & would "cross the board" & restart from the back (or 2nd rank if there's no room...).
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 22 2021

       Or you could designate one of your pawns to be your 'PsyOps' pawn. This pawn would not take other pieces but instead would persuade them to join your side. So, the pawn would land on the opposing piece's square, as usual, but instead of removing the piece from the board, the opposing piece would become your piece, and start from any vacant square in your two 'home' rows of the board.
hippo, Sep 23 2021


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