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Tourism boost

Multi-rider surfing
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All fired up by an appeal from a local tourist org for “new ideas for extreme experiences for tourists” I looked at what we already have.

I began with white-water-river jet-boating which is very popular, and moved it sideways to the surf beaches.

Result : Make giant multi-rider surf-boards [it’s been done for a Guinness record], and sell rides to the beach after being towed out, six or more aboard, all wearing life-jackets of course and with surf-boat escorts and trained leader-riders.

Several grades of ride would be offered: sitters, kneelers, standers, tubers etc. according to the nature of the waves - which are rising in height all round the world, I read.

Locals with meagre incomes living near isolated surf-beaches all round the world would benefit in a number of ways.
rayfo, Nov 28 2000

Swamp Buggy Racing. http://www.oldduckracing.com/pictures.htm
Slow link to load, due to the pictures. I don't know how much fun it would be to ride a tandem surfboard, but this'll give you a heart attack. I think a logical transition would be to deep water. [reensure, Nov 28 2000]

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