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swim gloves that roll up as wetsuit sleeves

surfers paddle a bunch; make swim glove handcovers that roll up as wetsuit sleeves
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you might like viewing a surfer paddling at 2:30 at [link]

swim gloves look like they are effective; I think making them roll up as part of wetsuit sleeves might be nifty

beanangel, Feb 16 2008

swim gloves http://www.aquasphe...cts/swim_glove.html
[beanangel, Feb 16 2008]

surfer paddles at 2:30 http://www.youtube....watch?v=MCBUzzBm4cg
[beanangel, Feb 16 2008]


       help with wash up?
po, Feb 17 2008

       How about the same for flippers?
nineteenthly, Feb 17 2008

       Cute video, but not really needed as a reference.   

       The other question is HOW, halfway, are these gloves to be made? It might be possible to put Velcro in all the glove-webbing areas of floppy sleeve extensions, say, but without something like that, this "idea" is just a wish.
baconbrain, Feb 17 2008

       //How about the same for flippers?//
//You mean fins?//

       That's one thing I never understood. I went on a scuba course, and said the word "flippers" to some old git, and he looked at me like I'd just called his grandmother a pole-dancer. "What ever you do," he said "never ever call them flippers, understand?" He was so serious that I almost peed myself laughing. What is it about the word "flippers" - is there a dark secret in the history of scuba diving that involved a diver and a dolphin or something?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 17 2008

       Well, i never knew that. That's the new thing i learned today (apart from something about Withania somnifera) and it's 2355 now. It just got in before midnight.
nineteenthly, Feb 17 2008


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