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Turbinator Surfboard

Surfboard shape creates vortices for stability
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Instead of a fin or group of fins (skeg's) the underside of a surfboard could be shaped to produce two long vortices that would provide stability through choppy water. Once moving, it would make steering somewhat harder, but the bigger the wave (faster the speed of the surfboard) the more solid the ride would become.

Sensation: Like Poseidon is holding your fin and pushing you through the water.

As for maneuverability, once the vortices are broken, sideways movement would be extremely simple. Below a certain speed the vortices would not be generated, but the underside would provide some steering.

Think Manta wings turned downward.

subflower, Oct 14 2005


       Ah. I only got it after the Manta comment.
jellydoughnut, Oct 14 2005

       I like this one. And if you'll pardon the pun...churn.   

       I wonder if a study has been done to determine the effects of dimples along the bottom of a board as well.   

       Alternatively, go for a coelacanth vibe. slap on some pectoral fins, abdominal fins, and a giant floppy tail (recommend silicone for this) that includes finlets that are more developed than the caudal fin.   

       When the surfboard reaches cruising speed, a hinged jaw opens and directs a "pectoral fin" fan of water into the air behind the surfer.   

       coelacanth-wave. because the old ways are best.
sninctown, Feb 03 2017


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