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Touristic Exits at Airports

special exits at airports, dressed with emblems of the country or state
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An airport exit especially for tourists, dressed with things and people to show the tourists that they really have arrived in the country or state.

Some examples:

London: could have a man dressed as a Beefeater, a man in a bowler hat, Kings Road punks, a red phone box, red london bus, a zebra crossing, a man in a kilt, a Big Issue seller, a pantomime mad cow

Cairo: could have some camels, a man in a Fez, a troupe of belly dancers, lots of sand.

For domestic airports in the USA, they could be by state.

sw82hg, Jan 09 2004


       a man in a kilt??   

       a bus??
po, Jan 09 2004

       " I laddie, we have arrived in the wee hours at London "
skinflaps, Jan 09 2004

       who you calling laddie?
po, Jan 09 2004

       Him.." over there in the corner holding a calling card by the exit which reads.The Mcdonalds of London "
skinflaps, Jan 09 2004

       "We call the laddie in the kilt, big Mac."   

       "Yes, I see he's pleased to see me."
FarmerJohn, Jan 09 2004

       I really think that if I had arrived at Munich airport 5 years ago to be greeted by huge fat men in lederhosen with handlebar moustaches eating enormous sausages and quaffing from foaming litre mugs of beer whilst amassed, fur-coated grannies scowled and pushed in front of me, dragging their deformed yappy dogs along upon which I was forced by a disinterested desk clerk to fill in endless numbers of forms in triplicate all accompanied by the dulcet tones of Falco (breathes in)...I would have turned tail and fled.   

       As it was, I wasn't. Thankfully.
squeak, Jan 09 2004

       I think [squeak] hit the nail on the head there.
Baker^-1, Jan 09 2004

       "And in other news, a worldwide rash of costumed pickpockets has sprung up. The criminals exclusively target the tourist exits of airports...."
krelnik, Jan 09 2004

       It could serve as a quick trivia run-down of the region you're about to enter:   

       Through the tourist exit you see:
A.) A red phone box.
B.) Someone in a bowler hat.
C.) A red double-decker bus.
D.) [po] In an alligator costume.

       Just to give you an idea of the region's relative sense of humor, funfactor, etc ...   

       Tomorrow down the tourist exit we have:
A.) [Letsbuildafort] screaming in terror.
B.) [po] Chasing [LBaF] with a tree branch for listing.
C.) [jutta] Shaking her head in disbelief.
D.) Someone in a bowler hat (for the second time in as many days).
Letsbuildafort, Jan 09 2004

       E.) Spiderman uptop of a crane at Tower Bridge.
skinflaps, Jan 09 2004

       //with tree branch//
[po], he's calling you a monkey now...
silverstormer, Jan 09 2004

       If I changed it to "baseball bat" would she be Babe Ruth?
Letsbuildafort, Jan 09 2004

       <Tries to remove image of [po] running around waving truncheon from mind>
Now look what you've done [lbaf].
silverstormer, Jan 09 2004

       Filling the terminal with crap is probably a fire hazard, not to mention a safety issue. How 'bout murals?
[Lbaf], put [po] down! You don't know where she's been.
k_sra, Jan 09 2004

       All I can say is that i am glad that finally an Airport Idea got slaughtered!
nomadic_wonderer, Jan 09 2004

       Does the Englishman ? in the kilt have anything on underneath it,and does he supply proof? Might be enough to send some people back on the plane.
python, Jan 09 2004

       // a pantomime mad cow//
This isn't Dulles International then? Or is it Canada nowadays?
gnomethang, Jan 09 2004


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