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Tourist attraction repair mitigation service

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Because London is an old city, full of old things, tourists will always find that at least one of the big tourist attractions they want to see (and have their picture taken in front of) will be enswathed in aluminium scaffolding and plastic sheeting.

This service will operate from a small booth next to the aforementioned tourist attraction. Upon payment of a small (actually quite large) fee a friendly salesperson will take the picture off the memory card in your camera, Photoshop in the tourist attraction in all its glory using a library of thousands of stock images of said attraction, and return the picture to your memory card.
hippo, Sep 14 2011

perhaps it was this one. Transparent_20Scaff..._20for_20Sightseers
[po, Sep 14 2011]


       There a service akin to this available atop Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. If the view of Victoria Harbour is restricted by fog, a nice man will photoshop your picture over a clear-skies backdrop of what the view would be if you could, y'know, see it.
calum, Sep 14 2011

       I could have sworn *we'd* done this before.
po, Sep 14 2011

       If you're going to photoshop the picture with a background that wasn't actually there, why bother to travel at all?   

       If I went to the Taj Mahal and found it under repair, I'd be quite happy to have a photo of me at the Taj Mahal during repairs. That is the reality of the situation. If you're going to make it up, you might as well avoid the costly and inconvenient business of travelling. With google streetmap, you can tour any town or city from your armchair.   

       Think of the benfits - tour South London and survive!
Twizz, Sep 14 2011

       excuse me?
po, Sep 14 2011

       If we are going to photoshop up my english holiday, can my photos include the Middleton sisters? Both, please. I envision more private eye style photos, not something with those unsmiling guards in the big fluffy black hats.   

       On second thought the photos can include one unsmiling guard in a big fluffy black hat.
bungston, Sep 14 2011

       I'm sure I've seen scaffolding before upon which they've draped an enormous canvas image of what the building used to look like without the scaffolding.
theleopard, Sep 14 2011

       At the Biltmore estate here in NC there are always too many people to get a picture on the lawn. So they have a booth with a greenscreen and for a small fee you can have yourself photographed with the Biltmore house behind you unobstructed.
DIYMatt, Sep 14 2011

       As my wife and I intentionally avoid London (let's just say that neither of us react well to urban enviroments and leave it at that) when in the UK, I haven't personally experienced this particular brand of disappointment, but I like the idea. [+]
Alterother, Sep 16 2011


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