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Traditionalist Art for Modern Tech

The whatever tribe of the remote region of wherever should make your laptop bag or cell phone case instead of hats or whatever
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So, when you go ecotouristing around (not that I've been, this is what I've seen from TV shows), when you visit the Yanagapi people of the Amazon jungle or the Kukuzulu Islanders of Papua New Guinea, they often have some local art crafts that they make. The art is passed down father to son or mother to daughter or whatever, and each piece is made with much labor, and is expensive to buy.

But the pieces are usually just art like some kind of large totem or statue or some kind of normal clothing or kitchen-utensil item. Why don't these enterprising islanders make fancy items for the obnoxious modern technology that all the white people bring with them when they visit them? The Bamboro tribesmen of the remote regions of the East African mountains, instead of making leather quivers for their arrows, could make your laptop bag instead. The Lao-zhi mountain folk of Nepal could carve you a cell phone case instead of another ceremonial shoe.

Small, cheap versions of these items could be given so that they could use them as templates for the dimesions necessary.

Haza! I am a genius. I expect my million dollars now.

EdwinBakery, Mar 06 2014


       I suspect that this is a practice in some places, but [+]
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2014

       So I could shop for custom motorcycle gear made from sustainable plants and animals by people who don't have motorcycles?
normzone, Mar 06 2014

       obviously not, this type of artwork is usually bought by people visitng, and is always physical art in nature. So it could easily be stuff like bags and clothing and what not. But obviously not motorcycle parts
EdwinBakery, Mar 06 2014

       I bet Apple would make a really cool ceremonial shoe.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2014

       Yes, but it would be very expensive, and only allow you to walk where Apple want you to go ...
8th of 7, Mar 06 2014

       Bird of Paradise pelt jackets are renowned for their skin-preserving qualities when one slides out of one's depth. Moreover, their beauty when they stream at certain speeds is even more greatly prized than is the rhino horn fuel additive, among bikers everywhere.
skoomphemph, Mar 07 2014

       I'm on the fence with this one. Mostly because of the fact that I once bought a toaster-oven from Walmart that had ON & OFF in the same position!! I always used to say that it was made someplace where people didn't know what electricity was!

       There are a lot of cultures that make bags, etc, so you could just put your laptop in one anyway. In my travels I have found that there are quite a lot of practical items to be found, not just *art*. (Baskets, clothing, little cases / boxes, tins, jewelry,coin purses, blankets...)
xandram, Mar 07 2014


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