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Tournament of Lego Parade

Forget the forget-me-nots.
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"Oooh look Regis: here comes the entry from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants. It's a lovely lego caricature of their logo, a monstrous toothy dandelion learing over a grain harvester."

"If you remember Kelly, it was the riots that broke out from their protests of last year's Tournament of Roses Parade that led the committee to adopt Legos in place of flowers and seeds."

You know I always wondered what they eat for dinner..."

RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2007

Lego parade http://www.youtube....watch?v=SQttWQkTGtU
[xandram, Sep 26 2007]


po, Sep 24 2007

       He had to lego.
normzone, Sep 24 2007

       wow, talk about a cliff-hanger.
k_sra, Sep 24 2007

       my thoughts exactly, [largerest].
k_sra, Sep 24 2007

       So far so good with spelling?
Texticle, Sep 25 2007

       is that a proper use of an ellipsis?
k_sra, Sep 25 2007

       This would be ridiculously expensive if it used actual LEGOs for life size or larger than life size floats. What if the Tournament of Lego Parade was miniature? kind of like Miniland in Legoland?
BJS, Sep 25 2007

       Sp: ellipsis.
Texticle, Sep 26 2007

       I like the idea of a "Tournament of Lego" - jousting, sword-fighting, archery, etc. all done with weapons, shields, etc. made from Lego. Meanwhile, the kids construct a huge Lego Maypole to dance around. I'm uncertain as to where the "Parade" fits in, unless this tournament is a sort of mobile tournament, taken through the city streets, so that careworn commuters can interrupt their journey home for a quick, invigourating bout of Lego swordsmanship.
hippo, Sep 26 2007

       Maybe the tournament is elsewhere and the parade is costumes and dancing and pipes and drums. etc.
dentworth, Sep 26 2007

       Please come back [Ray], we miss you so.
theleopard, Sep 26 2007

       + I see the idea. There are many floats decoated with Legos instead of flowers. (Tournament of Roses Parade)
xandram, Sep 26 2007

       No time lately. I have to have either serenity or a high-pressure deadline I know I won't make in order to bake anything effectively.
RayfordSteele, Sep 26 2007

       good lord he's lost it.   

       lets have a sing song while he reclaims his senses.   

       "we're all going on a summer holiday...   







       wouldn't it be fun if we all voted this above panic pin in his absence? after all, the title is fabulous, don't you think?
po, Sep 27 2007

       But it is, just look up *Tournament of Roses Parade*.   

       Once on a trip to CA, I saw the floats after the parade. They line them up for all to see. They are covered in millions of flowers and roses esp. I could envision them all decorated with Legos. What else could it mean?
xandram, Sep 27 2007

       I once began an idea in this manner, ran into problems regarding steam pressure and feet per second ballistics issues, and after a week or so deleted the idea, saving my notes and the couple of annos I'd accrued.   

       I think he should do the same. I eventually had to scrap the concept. It appears that popcorn cannot be used to power an automatic weapon that uses cubes of butter as a projectile.
normzone, Sep 27 2007

       Okay, so I finally got around to adding a little bit of flesh to this. xan was right.
RayfordSteele, Apr 30 2008


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