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Towel Hook Shower Latch

Not necessary for hoopy froods
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On the inside of your shower door, there's a latch. On the outside, there's a towel hook. The latch is released by putting a towel on the hook and pulling on the towel. That way you don't accidentally get into the shower and get all wet before realizing you forgot to grab a towel.
ytk, Apr 24 2014


       If you have no towel but do have eight or nine washcloths, will they be heavy enough to deploy the latch? One might have to soak them down in advance to get adequate weight.
bungston, Apr 25 2014

       I am concerned now that the hook might be mounted too low for showerside safety, if it were sharp and barbed.
bungston, Apr 25 2014

       er, wouldn't a towel hook that's connected to the water supply be the best way to avoid wet person/no towel syndrome....   

       Or you could go the perv option and install a webcam, then voyeurs who mention the lack of towel get kudos and more peep time? Might even be useful, they can point out if you miss a bit.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 26 2014

       So when the towel falls off the hook while you're in the shower, then what?
the porpoise, Apr 29 2014

       You pick it up? The latch could be opened from the inside, just like a normal gate latch that has a pull so you can open it from the outside. And anyway, it's not dependent on the weight of the towel to activate it. You actually have to pull down on the towel to release the latch from outside the shower door.   

       Of course, you could bypass the mechanism by simply pulling on the towel hook itself, but then you'd at least be aware that you don't have a towel, so the latch still serves its purpose.
ytk, Apr 29 2014

       Nice +
blissmiss, Apr 29 2014

       /The latch could be opened from the inside/ Now you tell me! I've been in there since the 25th! All raisiny. But I've got all 3 acts of Die Meistersinger pretty smooth now..
bungston, Apr 29 2014

       I really like hardware that is smarter than I.
popbottle, Apr 29 2014

       ^You must be a happy fellow then. (Sorry, sorry, sorry. It was there to be said. Sorry)
AusCan531, Apr 30 2014

       This puts me in a good hoopy frood google mood.   

       So that's a plus.   


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