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Ultrasonic Shower Dryer

Shake Off Excess Water
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Removing excess water helps to keep your shower cleaner, but who wants to spend the time to do it manually each morning when you're half asleep? Applying ultrasonic waves to the walls immediately after showering will cause dirty and soapy water to pool and roll down, reducing the time needed for cleaning.
ftzdomino, Jun 22 2005

Ultrasonic drying http://www.newscien...nic-dish-dryer.html
[4whom, Oct 07 2008]


       Not recommended for homes with dogs!
elhigh, Jun 24 2005

       i dont know is it a gun or is it built in?   

       and what happens(supposing that it is built in) if it turns on while your in the shower?
toomer34, Jun 24 2005

       I want one already.
Thomasunde, Oct 07 2008

       Baked in 2007, for dishwashers <see link>.
4whom, Oct 07 2008

       This idea did not get enough love back in 05. It is a good idea.
bungston, Oct 08 2008

       or alternatively, shower-wall moss.
FlyingToaster, Oct 08 2008


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