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Trace Sidewalk Gum DNA

(Knock knock) "Is this your gum sir?"
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Not the stupidest waste of government money, but pretty stupid.

These cops could truly be called "gumshoes".

Thank you.

doctorremulac3, Sep 05 2014


       There was the woman reconstructing faces from found DNA. It's apparently more art than science.
4and20, Sep 05 2014

       I like this for the silly intro to a scifi thriller - undergrad project tracing gum dna; noting individuals in a given area likely to throw their gum on the ground. Detailing their ancestry and gender.   

       But there is a piece of gum that yields a very different result. The DNA is homo, but not human. What is this person? A comb through the alley where that gum wad was found turns up another, with the same result. Is it a mutant? Or something different, that lives among us...
bungston, Sep 06 2014

       I think that's a pretty interesting premise. I'd be curious enough to watch/read until they found what the rogue chewer was.   

       "Sir, have a look at this report from the office of gum, cigarette and tissue disposal."   

       "Hmm. How come both the "Human" and "Reptile" boxes are marked?"   

       "That's what I'm saying sir, GCTD says that's what they found, they have no idea what it means."   

       "Hmm. Get Doctorremulac1 on televis. Wait, this might be serious, better get..."   

       "Sir, you don't mean..."   

       "Yes, better call Doctorremulac3!".   

       I took the liberty of writing myself into your script.
doctorremulac3, Sep 06 2014


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