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dissolvable gum

no more swallowing or spitting gum
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everybody has had a time when your chewing gum and there is nowhere to get rid of it. I propose a chewing gum that starts to disolve when it leaves your mouth.
gizmo, Apr 03 2003

BBC: Non-sticking chewing gum http://news.bbc.co....uk_news/2884537.stm
[jutta, Oct 04 2004]


       Rather than dissolving, I would suggest drying to a powder. Much more doable, I think.
DrCurry, Apr 03 2003

       when it leaves your mouth, I have changed the description of my idea
gizmo, Apr 03 2003

       this reminds me of the chewy beefy strips that I give my dogs to clean their teeth. they don't like the mint flavoured ones.
po, Apr 03 2003

       // I propose a chewing gum that starts to disolve when it leaves your mouth. //   

       How does it know to do that?
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2003

       How about just swallowing it? It's undigestible, but it won't hurt you. Disolving gum would defeat the purpose. The reason you chew gum is because it doesn't disolve.
eion, Apr 03 2003

       Whilst in the mouth the chewing gum is kept chewable but when it meets with the atmosphere and tarmac/concrete/hair it reacts with the chemicals in their properties and begins to desolve. This would solve the problem of chewing gum on the streets and also getting stuck in clothes/hair/and cats? <{' o '}>
gizmo, Apr 03 2003

       This is not an original idea   

belg4mit, Apr 03 2003

       You can (or rather, should) use the link button above somewhere to enter that link. Not an original idea, indeed, but no one seems to know how to implement it.
DrCurry, Apr 03 2003

       use the link button. to your left <air stewardess impression>
po, Apr 03 2003

       fold your tray in the upright position so I can check if you've deposited any non-dissolvable gum <air stewardess impression>
FarmerJohn, Apr 03 2003

       In my experience, gum actually does eventually disintegrate if you chew it long enough, but maybe I just have strange body chemistry.
mrthingy, Apr 03 2003

A gum that breaks down when exposed to light. All the gum stuck to sidewalks downtown makes me wretch.
This would not work for that gum stuck to the bottom of the desk, however.
Cedar Park, Apr 03 2003

       cedar, light not reach the underside of your desk?
po, Apr 04 2003

       Well, maybe a little, but it's pretty dark under here. Methinks the gum would take a lot longer to break down.   

       Maybe if gum were made to be photosensitive, mandatory under-desk lamps could be installed...
Cedar Park, Apr 04 2003


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