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Trace erase pens

The opposite of a conductive pen, for dissolving PCB traces
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Well we have conductive pens that can be used to draw traces on a PCB for modification purposes (though they apparently don't work too well.)

Regardless, I thought it would be nice if they made pens for *dissolving* traces, so you wouldn't have to hurt your hands trying to cut the damn things with a knife. Obviously the same solution that is used to dissolve the copper in the first place should work. They'd also have to dissolve through that green overmask stuff, though, which might mean they eat through a lot of things, which would be bad.

Oh. You could just have one that eats the mask stuff and another that eats the copper.

omegatron, May 16 2005


       Hmm. Never tried that. This could have a very fine tip, though...
omegatron, May 16 2005

       Please - you're going to give me nightmares. Both the problem and the solutions are bad news.
normzone, May 17 2005


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