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Traffic Jam Car Remover

Removes you at your call from the lane and takes you elsewhere
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This 4 or 6 legged tall machine standing folded at the roadside, will gracefully pick up your car above the traffic, and take you either to the opposite lane, if you decide your sick and tired of this direction, or can slowly take you off the road and put you at the next (or last) exit.

If the machine is manually powered there could be a kiosk selling ice cream in summer and hot soup in winter (Kosher, if in Israel) so people could cool down after the long wait, before driving on.

The machine could also have long arms to pass goods to car passengers who are missing something but do not want to be removed from the traffic jam.

An aerial picture of the road and text saying what the problem is, could be used as advertising space when no traffic jam is available.

pashute, Feb 24 2006

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       What happens when there's also a huge wait for the car remover?
kevinlipe, Feb 24 2006

       Can it be used as a car flinger?
jellydoughnut, Feb 25 2006

       Can I remove the cars in front of me?
bungston, Feb 25 2006

       Dont think of it as a solution for being stuck in a car jam, (for that you need PRT) think of it as a business...
pashute, Feb 27 2006

       So you're saying lets increase road capacity by placing cars on suspended platforms that move them to the next exit. Why all the complexity? Why not simply build another lane? Or a double decker highway? Why do you need a machine to place cars on the opposite lane? Why not just leave a grassy lane in the middle that cars can use for u-turns? sorry, fishbone.
kinemojo, May 27 2006

       Beacause a giant mechanical car-carrying polyped would be cool.
BJS, May 27 2006


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