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Traffic Seashells

A natural urban equivalent
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It's an art thing. You leave seashells around the city. When people pick them up and listen to them, rather than the ocean, they hear cars honking, brakes screeching, and people cursing at each other and asking for spare change.
Ander, Jul 26 2000

Traffic Calming Device http://www.trans.ci...DEVICES/DEVICES.HTM
From the title, what I thought this was about. [reensure, Jul 26 2000]


       I think people already do that. ("What a lovely Coke can! It reminds me of that time we spent together in New York!").
hippo, Jul 26 2000

       How? And.. Why? I know most of our ideas are half-baked. But this one doesn't seem to have a purpose! No offence :)
ironfroggy, Oct 09 2000

       Like he said, "it's an art thing..."
PotatoStew, Oct 10 2000, last modified Dec 04 2000

       Oh, sigh!!
Ander, Oct 13 2000

       Of course, one would find the traffic seashells scattered on the traffic islands.
beauxeault, Oct 13 2000

       This reminds me a bit of trying to take the Film Noir House out of doors. Why aren't there consistently offensive dramas piped in on muzack channels? There might, as example, be 'The downtown corner' with it's cars honking, brakes screeching, and people cursing at each other and asking for spare change. Other flavors could be heard in a propos locations, like 'The floor of the Merc'. That one might enliven a restaurant or mega mart. The 'Endless phone solicitation' could play on cruise ships and before movies. All loud, but slightly below the level of conscious perception -- just like being there!
reensure, Oct 15 2000

       I agree with jutta. It's an "art thing". When you were at the beach as a child, you knew to "listen" to a shell to hear its music. If it were a coke can in the city, you wouldn't know to "listen" to it. It would simply be a piece of litter or object to recycle, or it may end up floating around at the beach somewhere... but you wouldn't exactly pick up an old coke can at the beach and drink from it now either.
mrheckles, Oct 20 2000

       This reminds me of a joke. Two bears are walking through the forest, when they spy an old hubcap lying on the ground. One bear picks it up, puts it to his ear and says "hey, I can hear the traffic!"   

       Oh ho ho ho. Ho. Er... Actually, I think that next week, I'll go to a beach, find lots of seashells, and scatter them around Perth CBD to confuse people. And be fined about $10 000 for littering, but hey...
Detly, Oct 28 2000


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