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The Money Burner

An Art Career
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Have a career as an artist who burns money. Each of your works could be dedicated to trying to find another source of money, translating the money into small bills and then finding spectacular or poignant ways of burning it.

Maybe one could be, ask AlQueda for a million american dollars - they might give it to you for the negative publicity it might give america or if they can get a rich saudi oil backer, change it into small bills, put it in a steel net at the top of a crane surrounded with barbed wire and drive the crane to a public place, light the money on fire and take video of people trying to get the money before it burns and police trying to stop the money from burning.

JesusHChrist, Sep 19 2013

Ghost money burner http://creativity-o...the-departed/142239
Ghost money burner [popbottle, Sep 19 2013]

these guys burnt a million pounds http://en.m.wikiped...Burn_a_Million_Quid
[xaviergisz, Sep 20 2013]


       Burning money is illegal, and so is inciting a riot, and collaborating with a terrorist organization to destroy american property, as well as burning something without a license. So this idea is inadvisable.
rcarty, Sep 19 2013

       // Burning money is illegal //   

       By and large, it's only illegal to burn the currency of the nation-state in which you are currently located. Burning US dollars in Mexico would not be illegal.   

       // so is inciting a riot //   

       The lawyers will have a lovely time arguing that point.   

       // burning something without a license. //   

       Depends on local laws.   

       Burning [+]
8th of 7, Sep 20 2013

       Damn those KLF guys scooped me.
JesusHChrist, Sep 20 2013

       In case you are wondering, the problem that a government would have, with ordinary folks burning money, is related to "Accounting". While they know that paper money doesn't last a very long time, and gets randomly destroyed on occasion, they almost certainly have worthwhile statistical estimates of how much money is affected, per month, that way. But deliberate destruction can mess up the "books" terribly.   

       That said, it may be possible to obtain a permit to burn it, provided you tell the govt how much you are planning to burn, so that they can properly deal with the Accounting thing. (Note that the act of burning it can be counted as "giving it to the govt", because they are who will own it when they print replacement bills.)
Vernon, Sep 20 2013

       I wonder if Cauty is Carty. Sounds to me the way some brits would pronouncicate it.
rcarty, Sep 20 2013

       Since money isn't backed these days, who cares if it's burned or not ? It's not like there's going to be tonnes of gold sitting in the warehouse piling up storage fees for representative paper money that isn't in circulation.   

       Inflation will slowly but surely diminish the fake-value of the destroyed currency, eventually rendering it a non-sequitur anyways.
FlyingToaster, Sep 20 2013


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