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Traffic Warden Tag

is it a game, or is it real ?
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Traffic wardens (parking fine people) have an amazing knack of springing up from everywhere, slapping a ticket on your car and running off again as if they were only doing their job.
in comes the traffic warden tag : basically we tag traffic wardens so we can see where each one is, add a bit of monitoring software and bingo : a text message or similar when you need to go and rescue your car.

but how will it work ?

either we hack into the wireless system they already use already, which allows the council to know where they are in the first place, or
we make little rfid stickers and people take it in turns to surreptitiously slap them on the back of traffic wardens (hence Traffic Warden Tag).
neilp, Nov 13 2003

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       of course, you could always park legally and avoid such nonsense. Or, take public transport.
jonthegeologist, Nov 13 2003

       I think I did point out that they were only doing their job. you could also, obviously, use the device at Christmas time to go out and give the poor warden a glass of sherry to see him/her on their way. always seeing the negative [jtg].
neilp, Nov 13 2003

       problem is, for every kind hearted soul like you and me that simply wish to know where the traffic warden is for sherry giving purposes, there are others that wish to know for illegal purposes. Hence fishbone.
jonthegeologist, Nov 13 2003

       // add a bit of monitoring software and bingo //   

       Why do you want to add bingo?
waugsqueke, Nov 13 2003

       Next up; License plate bingo.   

       I thought this idea was to sneak up behind a traffic warden, touch him, and go "Tag, you're It!" then run off at high speed.
phundug, Nov 13 2003

       Play traffic warden splat. http://www.trafficwarden.org   

       Throw tomatoes at traffic wardens as they dodge out from behind cars. Satisfying SPLAT if you hit them.
Norman0000, Jul 02 2004


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