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Training Glasses

Help Upgrading to Bifocals
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I've just had old age set upon me roughly and have acquired bifocal glasses. I started with the progressive type lenses, and now have the old fashioned lined type. It's been a chore switching because I've gone through 3 sets of lenses and may have to try a 4th.

The problem seems to be getting a highly customized measurement and prescription template jammed onto a fairly generic lens/frame combination. The reading part is too high, the distance part not wide enough, etc. Everything seems fine at first, in the office, but after three days of real life they're not quite right and back I go.

I'm proposing a set of stick-on, for want of a better term, insets that can be temporarily affixed to your current Rx and worn for a few days before making positional changes, Rx changes or whatever else. This would save time with lenses going back and forth to the lab and having to be re-made. Once the best combination is found, the template is then sent to the lab for reproduction in the final product.

Optionally, this system could be used full-time to save on changing lenses if the Rx isn't expected to vary much from exam to exam.

Noexit, Mar 27 2008

Bifocal Stick On at eabco.com http://www.eabco.com/BifocalStickOn.htm
[phoenix, Mar 27 2008]

StickOnLenses.net http://www.stickonl.../servlet/StoreFront
"Home of the hidden treasure OPTX 20/20 stick-on lenses." [phoenix, Mar 27 2008]

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       I like it. I'm imagining a bulky brass apparatus, though, with a set of lenses bolted into place to form a simulacrum of the intended final product. They can then be adjusted at will, until you are most satisfied with the result.   

       The properties of the total are then used to grind a single lens.   

       Although, honestly? I'd keep the prototype.
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 27 2008


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