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Trampoline Baseball

"It's a deep fly ball, wait the outfielder has it!"
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Some people have seen when you combine basketball with trampolines, well why not combine trampolines with baseball? Have 6 trampolines set for the outfield, two for left, center and right fields and replace the bases with trampolines. When a player gets a hit, the player doesn't have to run, he/she could bounce on Home Trampoline to get to first. When there's a hit that looks like a home run, an outfielder abruptly snatches it for the out by bouncing on a trampoline.
5thdown, Jan 14 2005


       Normally i would advocate the use of trampolines in sports, but i don't think it would work as well in baseball. The reason it works in basketball is because both the attacker and the defender can use the trampoline at the same time, so it is fair and even. In baseball, only the outfielders would get to use the trampolines, giving them a clear advantage over the batting team. I can see the game reducing to bunts, and a complete lack of home runs. Cheers.
[ sctld ], Jan 14 2005

       We might have to have a large number of backup outfielders to replace the ones mangled by landing on their sides from 20 feet in the air. :P   

       could i also suggest launching outfilders out of spring loaded cannons?
RBStimers, Mar 17 2005

       The bases could just be tall poles that you slap as you fly past.   

       But I think trampoline american football would be just as entertaining.
normzone, Mar 17 2005


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