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Umpire Lie Detector Tests

No replays, fine, but there's nothing wrong with a check on umpire integrity.
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After very crucial close calls just hook up the ump, then let his own associates use the results in their decision to back him or not. No fuss, no muss. You say its too much trouble? What could be more important than calling a fair game. What's that, the results aren't ironclad? Neither is an ump's judgement. If he is sure of his call, let him prove it.
miggavin, Oct 13 2005


       Ump: "You're out!"
Player: "No I'm not!"
Ump: "You are OUT!"
Player: "Let's see if you're lying! I bet you think I'm really safe."

       I don't see how this would work. It is the job of the referee or umpire to trust his or her immediate judgement, and not to second guess their decisions.
Cedar Park, Oct 13 2005

       Umpires maybe but most referees have to run around a lot to keep up with the action of their sport and would thus already have an elevated heart-rate. Would you want everybody to stop the action for 5 minutes just so that the ref can get a breather? And in any case, this would only really work if the umpire was intentionally lying.
hidden truths, Oct 13 2005


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