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Trans-Pacific Partnership shark fin

try to get some coverage for the TPP
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The Trans-Pacific Partnership hasn't been getting much media coverage in the U.S. but shark attacks have. My idea is to put submarine drones in the water near U.S. beaches with what looks like a shark fin jutting out of the water. On both sides of the shark fin TPP would be written in white. That way when people take shark selfies they'll unwittingly be participating in an act against the media blackout.
lepton, Jul 01 2015


       You could put a triangular sign in the water, implanted in the seabed, such that some of the triangle is always exposed and looks like a shark fin, and the more the water level recedes due to tides or wave action, the bigger the triangle (the bigger the implied shark).
Vernon, Jul 02 2015

       Just hire the fully developed drug smuggling submarine drones for the job. If I remember correctly I saw a video where they even came supplied with a shark fin.
pashute, Jul 02 2015

       What media blackout? I heard plenty about the fast track authorization (which simply makes sense. Now that that's out of the way, there's nothing to report until negotiations are finalized.   

       Once a final deal is agreed to and it goes to congress for an up or down vote, then there will be something to discuss.
MechE, Jul 02 2015


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