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Transform your Toothbrush

Use toothbrush to power shavers, etc.
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Attachments (maybe 3rd party) that attach to your electric toothbrush the same way the head does to use the movement generated to power a shaver or other rotary personal appliance. Great for travel.
-----, Nov 02 2004

Try this http://angel.nomuta....uk/toothhammer.jpg
[angel, Nov 04 2004]


       I could probably fit a toothbrush to my SDS+ drill. Does that count?
angel, Nov 02 2004

       I was expecting a cross between Transformers and toothbrushes...
normzone, Nov 03 2004

       Sorry to dissapoint you, norm
-----, Nov 03 2004

       "Dad why is your toothbrush full of ear hair?
"Rough night billy,rough night."

       [2 fries] that's very very..

I like it (+).
neilp, Nov 03 2004

       Croissant for [angel]'s comment. The image is priceless.
david_scothern, Nov 03 2004

       Toothbrush attachments would be more appropriate for a Dremel.
hippo, Nov 04 2004

       [UB]: Bosch FBH-240 (linky).
angel, Nov 04 2004

       and one of those whisk things for making cappachinos.
etherman, Nov 04 2004

       Or a clacker to fit on the end of your toothbrush to take to soccer matches.
skinflaps, Nov 04 2004

       Billy: "I hate brushing my teeth; I'm just gonna stop."   

       Voice over: TRANSFORMERS... Robots in disguise!   

       Optimus Prime: "Bite your tongue Billy, that plaque build up is just what Megatron wants."   

       <SWISH... WHIRRR... ROOAAARR...>   

       Optimus Prime: "It's Terrorsaur with Ironhide - quick Billy, throw me that oscillating cleaning head. With 40,000 pulsations and 7,600 oscillations per minute we'll make quick work of those Decepticons!"
Nontaigne, Nov 05 2004

       Leaking leubricant! When did Ironhide switch sides?
JakePatterson, Nov 06 2004


       TRANSFORMERS will be back after these messages.
Nontaigne, Nov 07 2004


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