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toothpaste bristles

Toothbrush bristles are made of toothpaste
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How often have you lost the cap to the toothpaste? Well, with this idea you will no longer have to worry about losing the cap, or even a tube at all. A toothbrush with bristles made out of hardened toothpaste, will solve all of your problems. You can use them a few times and throw them out. Perfect for traveling so you don't have to worry about toothpaste getting on your new khakis.
cool ethan, Jul 28 2004

Toothette Disposable Toothbrush http://wecarepharma...om/tootdisbrus.html
A slightly different solution to the same problem. Commonly used in hospitals and many dental clinics. [jurist, Oct 17 2004]


       I've seen something like this at the dentist, it has regular bristles, but magically has toothpaste too (you can't see it) , all you need is water. Not quite the same but close.
swimr, Jul 28 2004

       Toothette Oral Swabs provide the dentifrice without the need for additional water. But instead of using bristles, they use a gentle cogwheel-shaped sponge on a lollipop stick. Use anywhere, once.[link]
jurist, Jul 28 2004

       Sounds good to me, but how is the toothpaste getting on your new khakis anyhow? I can't seem to imagine a way that would happen that couldn't also happen with this idea.
luecke, Jul 29 2004


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