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Transgender Welcome Wagon

A society for the newly sexed
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So you've gotten tally-whacked. What now? Getting ready to sport a third leg? What comes next? The Transgender Welcome Wagon has you covered.

(Fe)males receive baskets with Mademoiselle, Nair, 'Hers' towel set, thong panties, 'Titanic', heels, coupons for Victoria's Secret.

Fe(males) receive baskets with Sports Illustrated, nose hair clippers, 'His' towel set, baggy underwear, 'Debby Does Dallas', loafers, coupons for Home Depot.

Both baskets come with a coupon for free rentals of 'Victor / Victoria' and 'The Crying Game'. Actual contents may vary.

phoenix, Jul 21 2002


       The TGWW gave me one of these bread-like things. They don't have much taste but they're chewy like a bagel bit.
reensure, Jul 21 2002

       A bottle of Southern Comfort
thumbwax, Jul 21 2002

       If it's a halfbaker that has become the other-half-baker, a meta would be needed to change all the 'he's to 'she's or 'her's to 'his's.
FarmerJohn, Jul 21 2002

       you spelled "herms" wrong.
Jezzie, Aug 03 2003

beanangel, Feb 24 2008

       I think this post distills why we are so royaly screwed up about issues of gender and sexuality. Violent trans-itions from one gender to the other are forced by just this kind of stereotyping. I give it a bone for being a gag gift.
WcW, Feb 25 2008

       bake---no, bone...bake...bone... I can't decide on this one!
cindik, Mar 23 2009

       Bone! (no pun intended) Being that this is really a gradual process that sometimes takes years to complete, most transgendered individuals are already using these items on a regular basis. Getting "tally-whacked" is usually the very last step in the process. Thankfully this is not the kind of industry where they simply put you under the knife and then give you a manual where the first page says, "Congratulations on the purchase of your Motorstroker 8000. We expect that you will have many years of enjoyment...blah blah.."
Jscotty, Mar 23 2009


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