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Transparent Hair Dye

colors the hair invisible
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Meant for those who like the bald look, but need the warmth of a full head of hair. Never have a bad hair day again. Bows and ribbons that seem to float would be a new fashion trend.
bpslob, Jun 28 2000

bald cap http://llwyd.tripod...baldcap/baldcap.htm
Sequence of pictures depicting another way to look bald... [egnor, Jun 28 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This would be extraordinarily useful for those who were thinking of shaving their head (due to, for example, a noticable thinning of the hair) but are unsure whether the shape of their skull would make them look like a Sean Connery, a Bruce Willis or a particularly belligerent English football thug.   

       Spray on and wash out transparent dye would be especially handy for such purposes. Also an amusing jape at parties.
Lemon, Jun 28 2000

       Sounds OK, but how are you supposed to make your hair invisible? Why don't you just use it on your whole body, like the Invisibility Cloak?
verobay, Jul 14 2000

       [verobay]: Wouldn't that just render the top layer of your skin invisible?
centauri, Jul 14 2000

       12 lb. test weight?
thumbwax, Sep 28 2000

       I'd like my hair to be transparent, *but*, it could be given different refractive indices or have prism-like properties.   

       When someone looks at you, it'll always seem as if your head is like a barbeque or a hot summer highway. Everything in the background will have that nice heat-wavy look. If you had long hair, you'd even be able to use it sort of like a periscope and peek around corners. Your head of hair could become a window ornament that splits the light into the colour spectrum.
Wes, Mar 03 2001

       I'd like to compliment a few of the people that have made my day. I'd like to thank bpslob, waugsqueke, wes, verobay, and centauri. And if you covered your hair in transparent hair dye...wouldn't that have the same effect as...doing nothing? The dye is transparent... not your hair... how can you see through something that's solid? The invisible man idea could either get icky or sticky.
ichinichi, Jun 12 2001

       Wouldn't this just leave your hair colour the way it is?? Actually, your hair will get worse, because thats what most dyes do.
funky_monkey, Jul 09 2002

       Make my dye. [+]
Voice, Mar 11 2022

       Seems like magic to me, but it seems there was a time before such rules.
21 Quest, Mar 19 2022

       A polar bear's fur is transparent, so it looks white.
4and20, Mar 20 2022


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