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Trash Talk Sports

For those of us who can't read lips.
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I haven't found this idea fully baked anywhere, yet. Have you ever been watching your favorite sports event on TV and wished you could hear what the players are saying to each other? I mean ALL the time, not just when the broadcaster turns their mike on! I'd pay extra on my cable bill for a channel or audio feed (SAP?) which would provide me with that opportunity, swearing and all.

Yes, I know most athletes are not exactly gifted orators, and you'd hear a lot of the same &*%$-ing words over and over, but there are some real characters in sports who are famous for their repartee during games. Plus, it might bring a new level of respect for referees and umpires if we could hear what they actually put up with.

Canuck, Jul 22 2001


       Do you have all the talking on one audio channel (thirty people talking at once) or on individual channels (thirty new audio channels)?
angel, Jul 23 2001

       Mic all the players, put the game on a delay, and play the voice of whoever happens to be saying the vilest thing at each moment. A non-stop stream of cussin' might make sports more interesting, particularly if you could listen to the losing side.
Monkfish, Jul 24 2001

       The simplest, most logical choice is to hear the players who are on-screen at the moment. This will bring a whole new entertainment value to replays which focus on players away from the main action. Same play - several points of view. And for those teams having a multi-cultural roster, there could be subtitles for language translation.   

       The down side, of course, is that Trash Talk Sports would likely spawn yet another TV awards show - the TTS Mouthy Awards. They could have a fan poll to vote for the wittiest remark of the season in each sport, as well as the Foulest Mouth of the Year trophy. I shudder at the thought.
Canuck, Jul 25 2001

       It's not the same, of course, but you could join the local Sunday league team of your favourite sport and hear those swear-words for yourself in the comfort of your local park. You may even contribute and start fights over it !
lubbit, Jul 25 2001


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