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Travel Case for Cards & Other Games

Travel case/Play boards that also keep cards safe
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A few years back I was big into Magic: The Gathering. So much so that I brought them everywhere with me. Even on the bus trip to go skiing. The first trip was just messy... I probably lost quite a few cards under those seats. The second trip I made 2 postar board card holders (strips of paper attached on 3 sides) with deck cases attached. These were a bit awkward and not sturdy. This is when I designed my first case. Later I designed another case for the CCG Star Trek. This design can be modified depending on the game and where the players sit.

I don't know what I did with the plans, but... -the size was approx 1'x1'x6" -I would have construcet mine of wood, but plastic is proboly better for mass production -The case would split in half to make 2 1'x1'x3" playing trays or "surfaces" -2 latches on the 2 surfaces (simple protruding plastic clip or rotating metal hooks on a wood case)(4 total) -several places for decks of cards standing vertical -2 places for decks to lay face down/up on either players surface -1/4" or 1/8" ridges (wood dowels) spaced just so you could put a card sideways and would rest on the ridge above -a place for unused counters and such -2 wheels next to each other on either players surface with 0-9 (4 wheels total) (score/life of 00-99) -Simply add 1/4" slot, and a latch for thick paper/cardboard cutouts and your got: chess, Backgammon, and all the other possible pocket games. Thats all I can Remember right now.

Saxywolf, Jul 12 2001

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       Pretty much all moveable games already come in travel-sized editions or have available cases for easy transport. Am I missing something?
snarfyguy, Jul 12 2001

       Yea, the playing surface, plus it's mainly for CCGs. They could put M:TG logos all over it, sell it with a couple starter decks, instruction on how to play (same stuff that comes in cheasy cardboard or useless tin). You could also add a places for padlocks for the paranoid people. -the ridges are so you don't damage cards trying to pick them up -oh, there are also ridges under the decks that are face up/down so it's easier to lift them up or just a single card
Saxywolf, Jul 12 2001


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