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I'm not talking about the size of her hull.
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After a vigorous dusty rummage through the attic trying to figure out where all the bagged up shit I've collected over the years originated from.I came across a dusty photo album next to some weird looking smokers paraphernalia .

After a few powerful bellows from the lungs and a massive coughing fit that nearly sent me crashing through the ceiling, I managed to clear the dust off the cover so I may explore the pages.(Coughing, not the result of inhalation of said device,rather the copious amount of dust)

It became apparent after a few pages, swiftly flicking and moving from black'n'white to colour photo's that many a old flame and the odd lapsed girlfriend appeared upon single photographs, beaming at me.

I propose.Take the old photo's of past boy, girlfriends, whatever your preference and have a game of Top-Trumps.

Invite a few friends around with their modified photo's now crafted into TrumpEx cards.The facts upon the cards could be tricky as to who actually has a higher score(I suppose anything goes really) and I aint talkin about the size of his cannon or what she can hold in her tanks.

Why not length of leg, facial visual apparatus, width and curvature of beer gut..etc.Could be an interesting result as to whom wins with what ex.Also an interesting scenario would be if one or more of the other players had the same ex partner as you in the past, then maybe a game of snap could ensue.

Loosely related to //Your Mate// but I'm not playing with your mates :)

skinflaps, Jul 13 2005

(?) Top Trumps http://www.simplyto...viewPage.do?id=Home
[skinflaps, Jul 13 2005]


       Some possible categories?

Number of affairs before split.
Number of items of crockery broken.
Decibels of loudest rant.
Guilt factor.
Number of splits/reconciliations.
Girth increase during relationship.
Minimal, Jul 13 2005

       I'll see your Ivana Zelnicek and raise you a Marla Maples.   

       //I aint talkin about the size of his cannon or what she can hold in her tanks// - I disagree, this is precisely the sort of criteria that this game lends itself to.
wagster, Jul 13 2005

       Adds new categories that include pencil lead and watering cans, pulls out the top trump card and glees.
skinflaps, Jul 13 2005

       It's a very adaptable game, Top trumps. My personal favourite is 'Nutritional Infomation Top Trumps'. Can be played with whatever foodstuffs you have to hand. +
moomintroll, Jul 13 2005


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