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Travelling In The Head Of Donald Trump

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Traveling In The Head Of Donald Trump is the name given to a new Sedan Chair service to be operated on the streets of some busy metropolitan area like New York City.

The Sedan Chairs (as the name suggests) are large replica heads of The Donald, supported by the customary poles to facilitate carrying and street movement. Entering the Sedan is achieved by flicking back the combover then twisting the left ear, that acts as a handle, allowing entrance via a door on the side of the head.

Once inside the head, the passenger finds themselves cosseted in an environment fully reflective of the sort of luxurious trashy bling which characterises the nature and taste of the potential future president of the USA.

Racial minorities, such as those from Mexico, will find they are particularly welcome to apply as candidates for positions as Donald Trump Head Carriers.

xenzag, Aug 23 2015

Sedan Chair http://www.china-mi...r-victoria-peak.jpg
Just reimagine with the head of The Donald [xenzag, Aug 23 2015]


       I would rather have two hundred root canals at the same time, than to crawl into that man's head. Period.
blissmiss, Aug 23 2015

       Oh sure, you just had to play the trump card...   

       I too would rather [blissmiss] have two hundred root canals.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 23 2015

       Trump's the biggest threat to civilization since Emmanuel Goldstein.
doctorremulac3, Aug 23 2015

       Alternative idea name: Being Donald Trump.
DrBob, Aug 24 2015


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