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Twin Engine Motorhome

Works for boats, planes, and locomotives... why not motorhomes?
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A motorhome faces a wide range of load conditions – from climbing high altitude inclines to trailer towing. However, designing an engine to handle maximum power demand can lead to wasted output under low load level-cruise conditions.

A dual engine motorhome could provide boost horsepower on demand and provide back up power in the event of engine failure. The engines could be nonsymmetrical, where the smaller engine could also provide generator power to charge a large bank of batteries for hybrid power or silent power supply.

whozwat, Aug 14 2007


       Well, if you have a generator and batteries anyway for electrical appliances, you could just add a couple of electric motors and make the world's least green hybrid.
marklar, Aug 14 2007

       i think they sort of already came up with a solution to your problem with the 2005 Chrysler 300 as well as other car modals. you shut down 2 or 4 cylinders to make a smaller engine.
F_R_O_G, Aug 14 2007

       The only reason this isn't baked already is that motorhome buyers typically have money enough not to care that much. Personally, I love it. +   

       The MDS system in the Chrysler isn't nearly as efficient, however, due to pumping losses. It saves maybe 20% when it's on.
RayfordSteele, Aug 14 2007

       The 2 or 4 cylinder shutdown engine is interesting but I think the idea here is to have two totally seperate engines, seperate ignitions, intakes, perhaps even seperate fuel systems. The biggest advantage I can see is that your one week a year doesn't get totally destroyed when the only engine in your standard RV goes out. You may have to drive a bit slower up the hills, but you can still get there and worry about repair after your vacation. Cost might be a bit more, but a hybrid electric drive system on one of the motors could increase mpg and act as a generator, hopefully offseting the total and operating costs. [+]
James Newton, Aug 14 2007

       2 engines and 1 transmission? How many torque converters?   

       Like the idea [+]
evilpenguin, Aug 14 2007

       Better yet: an array of junkyard VW engines that switch in and out as power needs dictate, all of them firing through peashooter exhausts. (+)
elhigh, Aug 14 2007


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