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Tree Pruning Mind Model Service

A tree pruning service that cuts a tree to make a representation of your mind.
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This tree pruning service will make a personalized impression of your mind represented by tree branches and foliage. The arborist will interview you and find out how deep your knowledge of history goes. The furthest point in time will be represented by the highest branch, or the leader in tree-speak (the first to poke out of the Earth), and depth of knowledge or specific information will be represented by growth around this stem and foliage.

Typical Knowledge Trees will look a lot like coniferous trees, or Christmas Trees, exhibiting the usual tapering indicating the mind represented knows increasingly little about history the further one goes back in time. Certainly in many cases the tree will be very short, patchy, or indeed, bare twigs.

Just by taking a walk in the woods you'll see trees that remind you of people you know. For example a small round bush might remind you of someone with short term memory. However very interesting tree prunings should be possible for those with very specific historical interests. What kind of tree does your mind look like?

rcarty, Feb 17 2013


       Salix matsudana.
UnaBubba, Feb 18 2013


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