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Trench hopper

Gonflable gone wrong
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Combine and insert a trench compactor within a space hopper.

I have absolutely no idea as to whether this would actually work.

I'd give it a go.

skinflaps, Apr 27 2013

Trench Compactor http://www.eroshire...nch_compactor_1.jpg
Mix with link below [skinflaps, Apr 27 2013]

Space Hopper http://upload.wikim...e-hoppers.co.uk.gif
Re-engineer this with that up top [skinflaps, Apr 27 2013]


       well... that's useless... [+]
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2013

       Yeah,I thought as much.
skinflaps, Apr 27 2013

       wait... is the idea a manual trench compactor that relies on the weight of the operator ? or a motorized bouncy ball that makes a helluvalotta noise and vibrates in anticipation of a "jump" command. The latter is what I'm assuming but I like the former too.
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2013

       I'm thunking the //a manual trench compactor // where as you can control this thing via the space hopper handles.   

       Hippity powered hop, hoppity hop powered.   

       (Not useful near river banks.)
skinflaps, Apr 27 2013

       ah okay so boing! boing! boing! boing! BDBDBDDBDDBDBDDBDBDBDBDB....
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2013

       It would have made WWI more amusing.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 29 2013


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