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Stylite Vertical Social Distancing Vehicle

with wheels and a height-adjuster
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The fluted shaft of the Corinthian column is just a lightweight skin over a scissors lift. When two compassionate ascetics meet in a narrow lane, they each crank away at a big lever until one is two metres below the other.

Teething problems where each saint humbly insisted on being lower than the other were ironed out by the institution of some arbitrary but picturesque rules.

pertinax, Apr 10 2020

Style over substance https://en.m.wikipe...iki/Simeon_Stylites
[pertinax, Apr 10 2020]

Social distancing mobility scooter Social_20distancing_20mobility_20scooter
Shamelessly derivative... [8th of 7, Apr 10 2020]


       This gives us an idea...   


8th of 7, Apr 10 2020

       After reading about Simeon, apparently saintliness strongly resembles insanity, or vice-versa.
RayfordSteele, Apr 15 2020

pertinax, Apr 16 2020

       Could this be used for jousting ? Jousting on mopeds and mobility scooters is Baked, so why not this ?
8th of 7, Apr 16 2020

       You're not getting into the spirit of this, are you?
pertinax, Apr 17 2020

       How so ? These ultra-religious types are highly predisposed to disagreement and schism; we're just suggesting a practical way of letting them work out their differences, and entertaining onlookers at the same time.
8th of 7, Apr 17 2020

       From the link   

       "In contrast to the extreme austerity that he practised, his preaching conveyed temperance and compassion, and was marked with common sense and freedom from fanaticism."   

       So, in this case, the data doesn't fit the stereotype. There were, of course, other individuals who *were* quarrelsome fanatics, but they tended not to be hermits.
pertinax, Apr 18 2020

       Your device requires a minimum of two stylites. It only needs one of them to be quarrelsome.
8th of 7, Apr 18 2020

       Not at all. The use case in the description involves two, but one can use the device perfectly well. If two *do* meet, and if one is quarrelsome, and if the quarrelsome one just happens to be lugging around a jousting lance, and if the quarrelsome one, with the jousting lance, should somehow contrive to knock over the other one despite the very low speeds involved - if, I say, all these unlikely conditions were met - that wouldn't be jousting. It would just be weird, like the punchline to a joke when someone has forgotten to tell the rest of the joke first.
pertinax, Apr 18 2020

       // that wouldn't be jousting. //   

       Knights used to practice in a "tilting yard" against fixed targets. They also used to spear boars ("pig-sticking"). It would just be part of the same culture of vicious, aggressive entertainment.   

       It's one thing to hate someone else because of race, colour, age, nation or politics, but if you want real drop-down drag-out hostility and vengeful, implacable hatred, look for someone who believes in something just very, very slightly different from what you do ... because that's utterly unforgivable.
8th of 7, Apr 18 2020

       ... and yet, however much gaffer tape you apply, your generalisations don't stick to the facts of this case.
pertinax, Apr 18 2020


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