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Three teams, three baskets and two basketballs.
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Why are sports limited to only two teams competing at a time? Wouldn't it be great to change a basketball court from a rectangle to a triangle with three baskets? Three teams could compete simultaneously. The disadvantage of having twice as many defenders would be offset by having two baskets available to score from. If that doesn't help you could put an additional basketball into play.
riromero, May 25 2001


       i had the same idea with football (soccer), with a Y shaped pitch and 3 periods of 30 minutes, and 2 balls. to encourage defense also, you would lose one point for every goal conceded possibly making -4, -5, 9 results etc. This would also bring into play the idea of teamwork
dekoi, May 25 2001

       Yes, but a lot of infrastructure would have to be rebuilt (ie every existing basketball court!) What about just having two balls in play? Could be a bit confusing to watch! How about bi-targeting? ie have one red ball and one blue ball, one red basket and one blue basket, then one team is "matching" (wants to put each ball in the same-color basket) and the other is anti-matching (wants to put each ball in the opposite-color basket). This forces each team to simultaneously attack and defend both baskets!
HughBothwell, Oct 25 2008

       You could get a sponsor: there's a "Triscuit" brand of crackers.
FlyingToaster, Oct 26 2008

       Basketball got started with stepladders and peach baskets.   

       You could simply use three roll up basket hoops they have for kids and Chalk out the court on parking lot.   

       Use the kids that didn't make the team and others until you have both a game that works and a league.   

       Shoot some videos so others can do the same.
popbottle, Dec 13 2014


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