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Worst Form Dunking Contest

Competition for who can actually dunk the basketball while having the most horrible form.
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This would take two things, incredible physical prowess and a creative sense of humor.

If you've ever tried to dunk a basketball, it's very hard. I'm reasonably tall at 5' 11"+ but despite trying, I've never been able to do it. I can score, but nothing that people would stand up and cheer for.

So to be able to dunk the ball AND look like a complete nincompoop while doing it would take MUCH more skill ironically than just dunking it.

Ideas? Hmm. Let me think. OK, not just dunking, getting it in is OK if you're creative enough.

1) The Charlie Chaplin: Waddle up to the basket bouncing the ball where Charlie held his cane. Look around confused at what everybody is laughing at, throw your arms up in a frustrated shrug. Ball goes in.

2) The Snake: Laying face down, the entrant "slithers" towards the net. This would be a feet in itself, not sure anybody has ever done it but I'm sure it's possible. They carry the ball between their feet. When they get to the net, they raise their tail up like a rattle snake and throw the ball in with their feet. (Didn't say this would be easy)

3) The Drunk: Like the title says, stagger towards the net then "pass out" loosing the ball as you fall. It goes in.

4) Being Stalked By A Ball: The player manages to bounce the ball such that it always lands behind him and startles him. They bat the harrassing ball down such that it bounces over the person's head as they look around with a "Where did it go?" expression. Finally, when at the net they smack the offending ball one last time and walk away as it goes in.

Etc. This would be cool for High School kids, I think you'd draw a lot more people than you would with simple dunk contests.

doctorremulac3, Nov 26 2020


       //The Snake// - you missed an opportunity there to name this the Wurst Form Dunking Contest
hippo, Nov 26 2020

       So not digestive & char?
pocmloc, Nov 26 2020

       What do I win?
blissmiss, Nov 27 2020

       Nnnnnnnnada. The joy of competing maybe? But nada.
doctorremulac3, Nov 27 2020

       Dependindg on the goal of the idea , can an absolute fabulous, theatrical edge riding miss, win?
wjt, Nov 28 2020


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