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Trinkets that you REALLY don't want

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Does anyone find themself more and more burdened with crap novelty gift items that you don't want but can't chuck out because they were given as presents on special occasions? How about giving truly awful gifts that no-one could possibly want at all so then they could be disposed of freely with no offence to anyone. Plus dustbin men would get more work.
lubbit, Apr 21 2001

Baked http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kula_ring
[mouseposture, Jan 10 2010]

Trinkets that you REALLY don't want http://www.treehugg...y-toxic-cadmium.php
Chinese-Made Children's Jewelry Found To Be Mostly Toxic Cadmium [phoenix, Jan 11 2010]


       But then they feel bad.   

       Isn't this what fruitcake is all about?
egnor, Apr 21 2001

       My dear half-sister organized a White Elephant Gift Exchange for several Xmasses in a row. All the useless trinkets circulated until no one knew who had what, and then we were all free to dispose of them. Those with no proper White Elephant trinket were encouraged to by a pre-owned trinket from a thrift shop for purposes of exchange.
Dog Ed, Apr 21 2001

       Anyone want a Meanie Baby Velocicrapter?
nick_n_uit, Apr 21 2001

       Just before Christmas I had the idea that every pointless gift item should be designed with an additional use. After a couple of days wondering at the stupidity of it, you could take it to a charity shop which could then assemble it with other junky novelties to form useful items for the third world.   

       For instance, a musical Christmas card plus a pocket electronic golf game and an in-ear radio could convert into a primitive television receiver, or a couple of impressive looking steel executive toys could be screwed together with some indoor fireworks to produce an automatic pistol.
pottedstu, Jan 06 2002

       [pottedstu]: hmmm, I can see the airline security checks now --- "sorry, you can't get on the plane with those eyeglasses. We've already had passengers with a pen and a desk toy, and someone could combine those into a crossbow."
wiml, Jan 09 2002

       [pottedstu], I'm sure the third world would be very grateful
pocmloc, Jan 10 2010

       Similar to Dog Ed's 'White Elephant Exchange', for several years we had an old and extremely useless beach umbrella pass round the family as a Christmas Present. Unfortunately it became a traditional ritual and nobody had the courage to throw it away!
DrBob, Jan 11 2010


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