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Trip of Life

A system that will save lives
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Intended for flats and small houses/dwellings.

There are five main components that make up the simple system: 1) A modified smoke alarm installed near the kitchen (with a transmitter). 2) An electro-mechanical cut-off valve (with a receiver) near to the gas meter. 3) A trip-switch (with a receiver) near the electric meter. 4 and 5) Two re-chargeable battery powered emergency light units (with a receivers) one in the kitchen and one located near an exit. (more of these items may be needed for large dwelling/industrial buildings.)

If the smoke alarm goes off it triggers the valve and/or trip switch and lighting units. Turns off the gas to prevent further fire/explosion. Turns off the electricity if you have an electric cooker to prevent further risk from extinguishing fire and prevent further damage to foodstuffs that may be burning. (you could turn this function off if you use a gas cooker!)

liquidus, Nov 19 2001


       Typo should read "lighting units (with receivers)"
liquidus, Nov 19 2001

       GFI to the kitchen drop line receives the smoke detector as a breakoff point. That half-baked, at least. But the key is to switch on the garbage disposal safely from across the room and suck all the free gas from the lines and down the sewer. That would be a complex retrofit for even a kitchen without any existing code violations!
reensure, Nov 19 2001

       is there such a thing as a gas alarm?
po, Nov 19 2001

       I forgot to mention I designed it to trigger in the event of a fire to prevent further hazard and further damage to your cooker and/or food
liquidus, Nov 19 2001

       I would include a water pressure sensor in the trip of life system.
drtbarker, Mar 23 2003


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