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Sliding Door Alarm

Key Code Device with a sliding cover to prevent fingerprint lifting
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A Touch-screen based alarm can prevent finger-print lifting by swapping buttons randomly. However, this is inaccessible to blind people and has the further disadvantage that users cannot memorize the finger-motion used to deactivate the alarm. There are many ugly and possibly overpriced solutions (electric braille pins, sliding button surface pads). I propose something much simpler and cheaper:

A pair of plastic rollers could be used to house a rolling plastic sheet which would cover the keypad's buttons. Each time a code was successfully activated, the plastic would roll across the screen.

aguydude, Nov 04 2010


       Capacitative buttons could be designed to work without actual contact, ie. proximity only (miniature IR sensors are an alternative); so if you want to spend heaps, a 'non-contact' keypad could be done (I think...).
If the proximity buttons work well enough, the next stage is not to have a visible keypad at all; you just have to know where in the wall it is, and enter your PIN in mid-air.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 04 2010


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