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Triple Threat basketball

Triple Threat Basketball,surprisingly brutal.
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I got this idea in my head just a few days ago,and I think that this is a cool basketball variant.

There are 3 players,trying to acchieve 1 goal,get to 10 points first.It starts out with 2 on 1,1 shooter,1 defending the perimeter,and 1 defending the paint.

Shots made from the half-court line are worth 2 points. If the shooter is fouled,he/she retains posession and all regular team basketball rules in fouls apply. If the shooter loses posession of the ball,all 3 players are allowed to go after the ball to capture posession of it. If a defender gets posession of the ball,he/she becomes the new shooter.--Now remember::Just because you and another player are both defenders, it doesn't mean that you two are a team, it's every man for himself!!! Now,let's say that the score is 9-9-5,and you're the guy with 5 points.It will be extremely hard for you to get the ball 5 times over,and so you'll have to really work your butt off just to get posession,that's why part of the name of this game is called "BLOODball."---Those are the rules.

gamerguy, Dec 01 2003


       This kind of format is quite common in football (soccer). Probably best played with about 5 or 6.... "World Cup", "I'm bagsy Brazil"
1 man is in goal, everybody else has the task to score. If 1 person scores they 'go through' to the next round. This continues until 1 person is left - who is then eliminated. The next round is then started with the previous goalie sitting out and the eliminated man in goal. Play continues until all players are eliminated, leaving one champion.
Jinbish, Dec 02 2003

       It has been a long time since I even put my eyes on this one.   

       Anyway,here's a question why not have a 3-way basketball game? Put the formatting issues aside,because it looks like that's all we're talking about,and just think about it:   

       *1 vs. 1 vs. 1 basketball game?   

       Perhaps if you get 2 buddies over to experiment then it would be interesting.{If I violated a rule I apoligize, I haven't been here in a while]
gamerguy, Apr 24 2004


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