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Trombonic tunes using telescoping tunnels
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Transform annoying tunnel honkers into sliding musical note performers by extending length of tunnel when they hit their horns.
lingamish, Jul 09 2021

YouTube: Miles Davis Kind of Blue https://www.youtube...watch?v=bAC5Vf1REZg
The soundtrack of late-night city goings on. [zen_tom, Jul 09 2021]

Custom Echo Wall Custom_20Echo_20Wall
A Halfbakery classic. [neutrinos_shadow, Jul 11 2021]


whatrock, Jul 09 2021

       bad science
pocmloc, Jul 09 2021

       // extending length of tunnel // //How?// If the tunnel had a range of looped pipes whose end points intersected the tunnel interior, then by means of gates or valves, these pipes could be included into or excluded fromthe resonant length of the tunnel. That would make more of a Trumpunnel or perhaps a Tube-Tuba if engineered in the London Underground. Rapid opening/closing of the gates might allow for jazz-trumpet type effects a-la Miles Davis, which might set a pretty good mood in the city.   

       Effecting this in a tromb-format per the idea would be trickier.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2021

       If a purpose- built tunnel enclosed what would otherwise be just a straight, flat length of freeway, traversing plains, then I would see no obstacle to this idea as proposed. Except, in those surroundings, how would we reliably provoke honks?
pertinax, Jul 09 2021

       You could build in small town-hall diorama in front of which demonstrators could mill, chanting and holding plaques saying things like "Honk if you support <x>" where x is something people are likely to honk for, maybe puppies, smiles or stiffer immigrant deportation/incarceration policies.
zen_tom, Jul 09 2021

       This almost seems like more of a slide whistle concept where the car acts as the stopper and the tone rises as the car gets closer to the end. I like your ideas @zen_tom! :)
lingamish, Jul 09 2021

       The reason this would not work as described is that the length of the tunnel does not have any effect on the pitch of the horns.
pocmloc, Jul 09 2021

       A tunnel but it is cursed such that honkers are forced to spend an extra ten minutes driving through the tunnel wondering if it will ever end. This could be baked in theory using featureless concrete walls, a treadmill system to replace a section of road, and tracks to move a few ceiling lights past the car repeatedly. Possibly also some giant blowers to simulate movement. On detecting a honk the tunnel mechanisms deploy "road closed" signage to direct the offending vehicle into the tunnel of impatience. It wouldn't be cheap but the guys who build amusement park rides could probably build it for the right price.
sninctown, Jul 09 2021

       Crazy half-baked mash-up! Make the walls a Custom Echo Wall, to re-mould the noise!
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 11 2021


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