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You people are mad! (Which is why I fit in so well...)
Email is that ^ but with a . not a _ , at gmail dot com
Mechanical design/draughting engineer by day, and... umm... yeah, pretty much mech eng at night too.
Engineering - it's not just what I do, it's who I am and how I think. Function ahead of form, logic before emotion (mostly, anyway).

[Jan 26 2006, last modified Aug 22 2016]
(+9)(+9) Art Conkers All
(+2) Bar Code Racing 2
(+8)(+8) Fusion Beam
(+5) Getting There
(+4) Harry Potter & The Crossroads Of Science
 Health Check
(+7, -1) Login Button
(+3) "Off-the-Leash" Electric Bus
(+3) RASCaL
 Ring Spinner CVT
(+2) ShockWave
(+17, -1)(+17, -1) The Baker
 Wrist-mounted Hand Sensor

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