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Tron Light-Cycle 3D

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Imagine this: Tron Light-Cycles in 3D, meaning 3 planes, X,Y, and Z. Multiplayer for ganging up on the little guy. Powerups to bust through barriers, or after burners.

Just as addictive.

twitch, Jun 12 2007

Counterclockwise http://www.devmaste...owthread.php?t=6957
Knot in 3D remake [Loris, Jun 12 2007]


       Light cycles is a chase maze game, much like "snakes" on my old cell phone. even though it would look cool in 3D, the only good viewpoint is from above the playing field, just like the arcade game LC is based on.
the great unknown, Jun 12 2007

       Wasn't this baked? "Knot in 3D". May not have the barrier-busting feature, I never played it.
Loris, Jun 12 2007

       Was it multi-player?
twitch, Jun 12 2007

       That would add an interesting dimension to the game because now you can dip up and down whenever the opponent cuts you off. I imagine that you would also have two separate sets of controls. One set will control your left, right, up and down while the other set would actually have to control your view. Having the views on multiple screens is a thought also. I imagine that I would have to see above, below, and behind myself at any given time before contemplating my next move.
Jscotty, Jun 12 2007

       controls for pitch-yaw-roll are needed as well as fire and alt fire keys. Also, a good idea by [Jscotty], add the option to lookleft and lookright, up and well, maybe not down.. and look a little back. Nice one.
twitch, Jun 13 2007


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