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World of Cheesecraft

Battle Royale with Cheese
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contestants battle to the death using only a fine selection of cheese board.

Argh the molten mozzarella is burning my skin

He has a sharpened Gran Pandano and is not afraid to use it.

The stench of the Danish blue is overpowering, I cant tell where I am going.

Is that an Edam Cannon on the horizon

This Jarlesberg is boring me to death.

PainOCommonSense, Oct 22 2012


       Another of those FPC (First-Person Cheesemaker) games?
hippo, Oct 22 2012

       My so called Smart Phone mangled all the text !
PainOCommonSense, Oct 22 2012

       What is Chees?
pocmloc, Oct 22 2012

       //What is Chees?// Apparently it's a byproduct of Smartphone text-mangling. Perhaps there a spell-checker app for said Smartphones?   

       Or maybe a chees app...
Canuck, Oct 22 2012

       Ok that's it. No more ideas on the train into work. Strictly well documented spell checked etc. I bet Leonardo didn't have to worry about this level of peer review. I may have to ... "! sdrawkcab gnitirw trats"
PainOCommonSense, Oct 22 2012

       ... much as the way magnetic monopoles are.
8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

       Thank goudaness we've not lapsed into a round of cheese-based puns again.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2012

       Chees is what everybody says to the camera except your aunt who says Salami.
pashute, Oct 22 2012

       // cheese-based puns //   

       Yes, that would be a Feta worse than death …   

       (Yay, pun AND anagram, and on a triple word score too! Mornington Crescent in 3 moves …)
8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

       Is that a partial Feta, or a feta complete?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2012

       [+] cheese warfare
FlyingToaster, Oct 22 2012

       There's stil tons of puns yet to lay on the board.
pocmloc, Oct 22 2012

       Just give everyone a Brie-f summary.
8th of 7, Oct 22 2012

       What if contestants cheat by eating their opponents' arsenals?
Phrontistery, Oct 23 2012

       That needed careful typing …
8th of 7, Oct 23 2012

       Weapons of Ca§ destruction.
FlyingToaster, Oct 23 2012

       Käse Wilhelm
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 23 2012

       Leicester be clear, chimay be so bold, you've gouda be Kidderton! I was talking to my Italian Grana, "Whya you have a Stinking Bishop?", she replied she was trying to disguise the smell of a small horse; "itsa mask a pony!"
zen_tom, Oct 24 2012


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