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Tron Style Bicycle Light Trail

Laser on rear of bike traces bike's path
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A system of motion detectors determine the bikes zigs and zags as it rolls along and uses this information to direct the rear pointing laser to paint the path the bike has followed, extending perhaps ten feet behind.

So the bike would roll over point 1. The laser would illuminate that point. The bike would turn to the right and roll over point 2, the laser would continue to illuminate point 1 while also illuminating point 2 and all the points in between forming a curved line. When it turned left over point 3, the light would hit that while hitting the previous points as well drawing the bike's path in light.

It would be a subtle effect if you were just going straight but pretty cool looking of you were zig zagging, going in circles etc.

doctorremulac3, Sep 27 2012

Laser light bike path projected ahead http://www.smh.com....20110615-1g2oi.html
Not quite the same - no residual path following the bike [AusCan531, Sep 27 2012]

Laser light bike path projected to the sides and behind http://www.commuteb...-wherever-you-ride/
[AusCan531, Sep 27 2012]


       Ok, this is cool, but it needs a lil sumth'n-sumth'n.   

       Like a horizontal release of dry-ice vapor behind the rider to project the lasers onto and give it that 3d ribbon effect.   

       You could actually play this as a game of laser tag where riding across an opponents colored laser trail would deactivate your own color trail... or change it to theirs.
It would be fun. (+)

       Yes, dry ice, or doing this on a foggy day, would add something.
hippo, Sep 27 2012


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