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Rear light disk

Objects in the mirror may appear wider than they are
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This contraption consists of a light conducting fibre which is mounted in a rotating disk behind the rear wheel - approximately where the rear light is mounted on most standard bikes. The rear light illuminates the light rod. The base plate rotates, driven by the rear wheel, and the light rod with it. The light emitting from the far end of the rotating light rod creates the illusion of a circle floating behind the bike. It also lets the bike appear to be wider that it really is, inducing motorists to overtake only with due distance to the bicylist, without adding much in terms of wind drag.

Apply the same principle to your helmet (if you are one of the sorry few to wear one) and feel like a saint while the others are worshipping your gloriole.

Toto Anders, Mar 23 2016

A similar idea Motorcycle_20Whiskers
[Toto Anders, Mar 23 2016]


       (+), and I learned what a gloriole is. As for helmets, sorry, brain injuries, and helmets are all interrelated.
normzone, Mar 23 2016

       So, basically, the light would shine out of your gloriole?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2016

       hmm, could be programmed to display secondary... visual cues to other drivers as well.   

       // So, basically, the light would shine out of your gloriole? //   

       No, the gloriole is only a nice add-on.   

       // secondary... visual cues //   

       I hope I don't understand.
Toto Anders, Mar 24 2016

       //brain injuries, and helmets are all interrelated// Indeed, but in which direction?
pocmloc, Mar 28 2016


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