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Trope App

i think that is the right word
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I have this new app called Field Trip that alerts me every time there is something in the vicinity it thinks I should know about. And it does it using a little characteristic buzz and sound that is kind of like the one note, "dong", from Law and Order, that means, "something important just happened", or at least as a non tv watcher I think it is law and order, maybe not. But the sound is trope-ish, is that the right word? It is characteristic and short and associated with something else that is happening in the story. So I was thinking, what if you had an app that listened for characteristic parts of your life to happen and then played tropes at appropriate or inappropriate times? What a hoot. I would especially like the little two second slap bass thing from Seinfeld after I make a joke. Wow that dates me. At least someone is dating me. Ba-dang dong dang dang.
JesusHChrist, Nov 05 2013


       Could it play the noise from the Enterprise's (NCC-1701) sliding doors every time the user goes through automatic sliding doors ?
8th of 7, Nov 05 2013

       When not in school as a perpetual student I take work as a truck mechanic. That sound you refer occurs regularly in the truck shop environment in almost exact tone and resonance, and really does have a strong foreboding effect. I'm glad you mentioned it.
rcarty, Nov 05 2013

       Hmm, I can't find the "harp" sound. Mine says, "portentous grim reaper gong sound like you're going to hell". What's your secret?
JesusHChrist, Nov 06 2013


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