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stop page loading with your foot

Stop a page loading with your foot
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Yes, indeed we have a stop button on our browsers. But, what if we urgently need to stop a page from loading for whatever reason, we may not be able to reach that button with our mouse on time or we may forget the Esc key is be the shortcut key for the purpose on certain browsers. Therefore, I suggest we step on a pedal to stop page from loading just as we step on one to stop our automobiles.
raideas, Nov 22 2006

Baked Pedals http://www.nxpeds.com/
[jtp, Nov 22 2006]

Halfbaked Pedals Foot-Controlled_20Computer
[jtp, Nov 22 2006]


       Yea, funny at best. I can just picture why you want this hands free device. Why not just say you want to be able to stop porn from loading with your foot.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 22 2006

       Good idea, but why limit it to one function? You could have several pedals which perform different user-definable functions.
jtp, Nov 22 2006

       Like [Chef] says, great for hands-free porn. You could program one pedal for 'forward' and one for 'back' allowing you to browse your porn catalogue with your feet.
jtp, Nov 22 2006

       Baked, and Halfbaked. See links.
jtp, Nov 22 2006

       If you kick your computer hard enough, that'll probably stop your page loading.
hidden truths, Nov 23 2006

       I've built a set of these for PC gaming; I neglected the importance of ergonomics and hence they weren't particularly usable. Good in principle though, even if one of my mouse buttons is mapped to "back" and I don't see why I would be more likely to forget that than a foot pedal.
david_scothern, Nov 25 2006


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