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Trouser/Flush Interlock

Escape the rising tide
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The need for this device is great.

If you have never been in the situation of flushing a blocked toilet before pulling up your trousers then offer a prayer to whichever deity you subscribe.

Nothing and I mean nothing, can prepare you for the sudden panic that hits you when you realise that the water and its contents in the bowl isn't going to stop at the rim.

Being in this situation with your trousers down is potentially fatal. The primal gut instinct to flee is hard to resist and with your ankles hobbled falling over is a likely scenario. If this happens you could drown or die from head trauma

I propose retrofitting all existing toilets and pairs of trousers with an interlocking device that will only allow the flush to be activated if the trousers are up.

A device to achieve this goal needs to be developed as a matter of urgency and nothing short of a Manhatten Project effort will suffice.

Write to your democratically elected representative now and tell them their job security depends on their support of this system.

The effort will be great but the rewards incalculable.

rambling_sid, Jan 14 2005


       I know that women tend to hike their skirts up around thier waists and pull the knickers down then have a dump...erm...so I've been told. So the toilet will never flush then....at least we'll know that if we find a floater in the bowl one day, it can be said that the probability that a woman was responsible for it will be rather high.
DaveW-H, Jan 14 2005

       Taking DaveW-H's slightly bizarre anno into account, perhaps it would be better to make it a knicker/flush interlock.
salachair, Jan 14 2005

       Alternatively, ensure that toilets are set up only to flush slightly less than a bowlful of water every flush. Nah, that would be silly - I'll install the interlock system.
wagster, Jan 14 2005


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