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Turbo Toilet

improved bowl curvature profile toilet
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Sometimes my toilet doesn't flush very well for no apparent reason. If only Turbo Toilet existed then I doubt if there would be the same presence of lingering toilet paper etc that requires a second flush. This is because the downwardly curving profile of Turbo Toilet takes the form of Brachistochrone curves.

For those who don't know, these are the curves which cause falling objects to decend most quickly. I see no reason why this property cannot be deployed in the design of the curves used in toilets to improve their efficiency.

The Turbo Toilet name is because brachistochrone sounds too like that of an obscure dinosaur.

xenzag, Mar 18 2024


       Tautochrone curves would allow additional alliteration.   

       And the outlet would be at the lowest point the bowl, reducing the chance of anything lingering after the flush.
a1, Mar 18 2024

       Doesn't this make the toilet extend way into the room to make the curve work, whether brachisto or tauto? That's a waste of space unless an entertainment factor is included: sit FACING the drain, which is at some distance and watch the fecal parade slide elegantly into it. Targets may be added.
minoradjustments, Mar 20 2024


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