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Truck mounted shaker

Make money finding things for others
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Mount a horizontal platform about 10ftx25ft with strong bearings on a truck so it can be flipped upside down. There should be some kind of tub underneath the platform. Also get strong tie down straps. Now you drive around to offer your services. Customers give you heavy items to strap on the platform, like sofas, washing machines, cars. When an item is securely tied down the whole platform is tilted upside down and the truck drives at high speed over some speed bumps. Any keys, coins or other small items will be dislodged and fall down. Also great to test used cars and appliances for loose contacts or hidden rattles before buying.

You charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the value of the items found. Some customers may pay just for the thrill of driving over speed bumps while hanging upside down in the seatbelts of their car.

kbecker, Mar 22 2004

Tree shakers http://www.growerma...2EquipDir/Nuts.html
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Rather than driving around, how about adapting those tree shaking trucks that nut harvesters use? See link.
krelnik, Mar 22 2004

       Or you could shred the whole darn sofa, washing machine, car, etc. (I understand collected coins count for a significant part of the take at car recycling plants.)
DrCurry, Mar 22 2004

       I used to work at a car shredding plant. It was amazing what came out on the non-ferrous line, after the linear motor sorting (including a dead dog! Thankfully no dead people): we had a deal with the local bank, because most of the coins were mangled.
Ling, Mar 22 2004

       If the trucks a rockin', don't come a knockin!
Nitehawk, Mar 23 2004

       //tree shaking trucks ...// Since nuts don't ripen year round this would help to reduce seasonal unemploment among nut shakers.
kbecker, Mar 23 2004


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